As I was taking an early morning drive to the airport, a thought came to me…

If I do not crave YOU – to worship You, to study You, to speak to You, to learn from You – what am I replacing You with?  How did this happen?

I remember a time when I craved God.  When I could easily awake and crawl out of bed at 5 or 5:30 am, just to sit, read and learn from Him.  There was no special drink involved, no certain Bible study I was following, no dire need I was necessarily in, it was my Creator and I, it lasted for over an hour each morning and I could not get enough.

It started as a call to prayer.  It was a very distinct warning that I needed to devote my morning to praying for my husband.  Honestly, at first I might have been obedient out of fear…fear that something was going to happen to him.  Josh had been working a lot in his own business and things in our lives were very subtling crumbling.  (Story to come later, it’s a sweet one!)

There are few words to describe a life like that – a life so in tune with the Holy Spirit that you can hear His every lesson for you.  It is beautiful and magical and far above words.  I recall reading Scriptures and He would give me a name to be praying that specific Scripture for.  In fact, He would give me Scriptures to right down and insert someone’s name in.  He was the Teacher and I was the willing student and it flowed like life should.

So here I am, vowing to get back to that kind of relationship.  To CRAVE Him more than my to-do list, more than my cleaning and laundry schedule, more than my time with friends, more than my breakfast, even more than my workouts.

Yes, Father, I say yes!  To all of You.  You are my Source for all that I need.  There is no other fulfillment than sitting at Your feet.  Forgive me when I put anything or anyone before You – Idolatry.  Take this life You have given me and use it for Your Glory.

Love You


Jesus said, “I am the Bread of Life. The person who aligns with me hungers no more and thirsts no more, ever.  (John 6:35 MSG)