A Divine Appointment

“But now this is what the Lord says–

‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
    I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
    you will not be burned;
    the flames will not set you ablaze.'”  (Isaiah 43:1-2)

Last night I got to meet God’s Glory.  A sweet, precious, much anticipated little baby girl.  Our introduction to each other was not prearranged, it was not anticipated and to be honest I had no idea she was making her entrance into the world yesterday.  But God knew.  He had arranged a Divine appointment for us to meet.

A Bit of History….

I met a young couple, Bryan and Meg, February 2014 in a small, dark labor and delivery room at Wesley Hospital.  That too was a Divine appointment.  This poor momma was preparing to deliver her baby girl, yet that sweet baby girl was without her earthly life.  It was greatly unexpected as she was quickly approaching her due date.  Typically, I do not meet with families before they deliver their babies.  I guess I assumed that was a time reserved for families only and I come later to help them on what their next steps might be.  (If you don’t know, I am HIGHLY involved in the ministry of AgapeCare Cradle…we minister to families who have lost babies…you can check out our website, but don’t judge us on it’s lack of technological advancement).

(Back to the story)…

If it wasn’t for Meg’s father, being slightly PERSISTENT that I come to see her before she delivers, I probably would not have visited with her until the next day.  But God had a much designed purpose for our presence (Amy, executive director of AgapeCare was with me).  Walking into that labor and delivery room is something I will never forget.  The lighting was very minimal, as if a dark cloud hung low, yet you could sense light but it’s presence was almost hidden as if it was there but needed to be found.

We spoke.  I shared my story.  We prayed.  The Holy Spirit moved.  The pain was there, the sadness was still deep, the cloud hung around.  But HOPE made it’s entrance.  That family had permission to find the light, to search for the good. God works in indescribable ways and I am beyond-words blessed to have been apart of this family’s story.

Last Night…

Bryan and Meg delivered an adorable baby girl, Gloriana Sue, Glory.  It was as if God was revealing to me that I had come full circle.  I smiled.  Not that Bryan and Meg’s girl was named after my Glory (it was just the name God had revealed to Meg for their baby girl), but it was as if God knew what would speak to my heart.  Like He was just walking right beside me and telling me, ‘See, I still have more to your story that you could have never even dreamed up.’

Our meeting last night was bittersweet.  I did not come to meet Glory.  I came because I was called to meet with another couple who sadly lost their baby girl yesterday.  What a wonderful couple that I am confident God will use for His purposes. I pray they can have a small glimpse of the hope and joy I feel today.  That they can know, trust, lean-on the Great Comforter.  That He, and only He will reveal the plans He has for them through all this.  It was no coincidence that they were there yesterday, that I was there, that Glory was there, and that Bryan and Meg were there all at the same time.  God has a plan, set to reveal itself in it’s own time.

Nine years ago, Josh and I were that couple.  Filled to the brim with pain too harsh for words to define, we faced each day never grasping how time could move within such a thick cloud encompassing us.  In the depths of that season of my life there is no way I would have imagined all that God would do with His Glory.  I gave Him death on December 22, 2005, my Glory, in exchange for life, His Glory.

The Point…

What I hope you know by reading all this scattered rehashing of Divine events…First, God is so Cool!  Secondly, He knows. He knows our heartaches, our pain, our shortcomings, our trials, our questions, and people… He. Has. Got. It.   If you listen, if you desire Him, He will speak to you. His hand is not too short to save. He will quietly, very subtly reveal His plans for you.  Trust. Believe. Praise.  Do it not out of religious obligation, but as heart-quenching thirst for your One and Only. He wants you and that means you knowing Him.  Let’s step out of rehearsed prayers and memorized religious practices and let’s cry out to Him in the good as well as the bad.

I know the cloud that can cover life.  Believe me when I say, I GET IT!   Read again the words above in Isaiah 43.  YOU are redeemed, HE summons YOU by name, YOU are HIS.  Let that mean something in your life and do not take it lightly. What satan intends for evil, God has intended for good.  Look to the cross for that story!

So people bring your junk.  Check your baggage at the Cross.  Fall to the foot of His throne.  He promises to work for the good of those who love Him, those called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).


Wow, You never cease to amaze me!  Just when I think I can close the book on the story of Your Glory, You are there.  Never failing, never dull, You speak straight to my heart.  Father, I pray we choose to see You in all things.  That we trust You to show us the good when the world screams bad.  Thank You for trading death for new life abundantly.  I love You.

Disclosure:  This story will probably make very little sense unless you know Glory’s Story.  You can find it under the God’s Glory tab above.  Thanks.