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Bailey Dean Bowers

Born July 23, 2013 at 8:49pm, 4 lb 13oz


She is still super tiny, not even 6lbs yet, but she is doing great.  We do have to use a heart monitor on her for awhile until she remembers that she needs to breath at all times, esp when she sleeps.  But we haven’t had too many episodes and should be done with that soon. 


She was born at 34 weeks but she met all the marks of a typical newborn and was able to be released from NICU within a couple of days.  She stayed in special care for a few extra days until we could get a home heart monitor for her.  At 6 weeks she is doing great.  Sleeps a lot, much to the frustration of her siblings…and gets tons of love and kisses, even if she is sleeping.


Here is a picture with her daddy so you can see just how tiny she was (is).  She was the same size as his forearm.

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