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Today (well, yesterday, but my monday hasn’t ended yet)

Sorry, nothing really exciting about getting an MRI.  I laid in the machine and tried to take a nap, but 33 weeks pregnant laying on your back is no comfortable position.  So I pretended that the loud annoying noises were God’s laser beams zapping away kanser cells…and that made it more interesting.

I will admit walking through the halls of the hospital knowing I would be back next Friday with a much more anxious heart, was a little dreary feeling.  And the smell of hospital soap – is there any other smell like that out there?  It reminds me of birth, babies, pain…like trying to scrub away memories, yet the more you try, the more you are reminded of the emotions too.

My doctor should have the results tomorrow (or really today if you count the fact that it’s after midnight) of the MRI, so my prayer this morning (Monday) was totally all about healing now.  That would be good, perfect healing, then I could go back to my plan A…manda.  Yet, I am reminded of something our pastor said in Church Sunday…something to the effect of success not being about results, but faithfulness to God.  And I get convicted and have to change my grichy, stinky attitude and remember who I am living to please…certainly not myself.  My life is all about my faithfulness to My Creator, My Rescuer, My Healer…in everything I say and do I must Glorify Him.

Dear Father,
I cry out to you, the only One who truly knows my goods and oh so bads.  You are all I need, You are all I aim to please.  Let my life bring Glory to you over and over again.  May my heart be grateful and humble enough to live a life worthy of serving You.  Thank You for the countless number of blessings You have given us.  I love You.

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