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Going Forward…

Have you ever wanted to be like a stubborn 2 yr old and just stand your ground and say, ‘no’?  And not like any toddler, I mean like a really strong-willed one that just isn’t gonna budge on his own.  That’s exactly what my attitude is reminding me of right now…just plain, ‘no’ I don’t want to do this…I don’t want this surgery…I don’t want this baby coming early…I have other plans…NO, NO, NO!

Unfortunately, I am an adult, and although I am stubborn and controlling and independent and selfish, etc, etc, etc… I guess there is a point when reality is responsibility and it just wins and life is cruel whether you are 2 or 30 or 75.  And I know God loves me, even in my stubborn questioning and He will take care of me and be with me through it.  And I know I should consider this trial pure joy and it will bring about refining character that I need.  So….I guess this is where the adult in me must choose to treasure what I have been given, to not fear the unknown and to joyfully and purposefully engulf myself in each day ahead.  Instead of being the 2 yr old kicking and screaming my way through life’s obstacles, which is so easy to do.

 Today, was the oncologist appt.  It was good to see her, if only I didn’t have the reasons that I do to visit her.  We went over a few questions and details of the surgery.  Way too much information if you ask me.  When I left there I had no date of delivery/surgery, but tonight I noticed they emailed me a tentative pre-op schedule.  So unless the MRI on Monday changes anything, our D-Day is July 26.  AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!  Just kidding…kind of.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You love me beyond who I am and what kind of attitude I have. I know Your love is bigger than the mountains that I face and it is constant in the trials and the change.  Help me to see You in everything, good and bad.  I pray that I would joyfully embrace each day as a precious gift and the people You place within those days as Heavenly blessings.  I don’t want to miss the good because I fear the bad.  You are all, You are in all, and You conquer all.  Thank You for the work You do in me.  I love you.  Me.

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