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To all my great prayer warriors out there….here is just a short update.  (Sorry, it took me so long, a week with no Internet)

First,  I don’t really know anything new.

Second, I have an oncologist appt this Thursday to discuss delivery and surgery (which I frankly don’t want to discuss at all, but I don’t see many other options)

Third, I will go for another MRI next Monday, July 15th and then an appt with my OB Thursday, July 18th (which all we do is chat and it’s always fun to see her)

So I guess I will have a D-Day by the end of this week or beginning of next week.  Yay….not really.  Yay baby….no yay surgery.  Totally mixed emotions. I can handle baby-surgery separately, but together, yikes, it kinda freaks me out.

I get asked a lot how I am feeling…I am just feeling normal pregnancy stuff.  A few annoyances but otherwise doing good.  

And the baby…well, it is part ninja.  I am grateful that I don’t EVER have to worry about it’s well-being, because it NEVER leaves me doubting, especially whenever I sit down or get in bed at night. 

With all this said…God’s ways are still higher and better…so unless He changes something this is the route for the next few weeks.   

Thanks for the prayers…I will keep ya’all posted.

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